#938336 by mallin
12 Sep 2017, 11:50
Made it here.

Travelled down from near Huntingdon yesterday afternoon, went through some very heavy rain,deposited the car in the multi storey then went for the Hoppa, which by the way the pick for the hotels has moved into its own private area, after waiting in the drop off area for ten minutes. They did it about six weeks go, pity they did not do the signage to go with it.

Booked us into The Renaissance for the first time and we were very impressed with, the room, service and good breakfast. One of the best nights sleep in an airport hotel ever, no noise and comfy bed, a/c that worked and lovely shower.

Installed in the lounge quite busy and so far everything on time. Hope everyone has good day. Linda
#938338 by gumshoe
12 Sep 2017, 12:14
You know the local TfL buses are free within the Heathrow area (including the stop outside the Renaissance) - and far more frequent?

No need to be ripped off by the Hoppa's monopoly on hotel shuttles .....
#938341 by hiljil
12 Sep 2017, 12:52
Good Afternoon !

Enjoy the lounge ( hoping to be there myself Monday if Florida is open for tourists !) and have a great flight. :-D
#938342 by mallin
12 Sep 2017, 13:10
Did see the red buses Gumshoe but with our amount of luggage could not be bothered walking to them . Takes me all my time walking across the concourse.

Hope Miami and the area your staying in Hilary are all ok for when you go. Linda
#938343 by pjh
12 Sep 2017, 13:38
Have a great time!

We got stuck in the tarmac at STN waiting for the rain to go away yesterday afternoon, and in AMS the deluge had been such that I watched one Ryanair aircraft making waves (albeit small ones) as it move across the apron.
#938345 by marshy11
12 Sep 2017, 13:56
I am late to the party but hope you are in full swing!

Enjoy the onward flight and please make sure you tell us all about it!
#938384 by mallin
13 Sep 2017, 15:21
Had a really good flight very smooth, excellent service but did not enjoy the main courses, hubby could not eat the steak and the chicken was so spicy it nearly blew my head off. Soup was lovely and puds nice. Best things were the warm scones with clotted cream, glad we ate something in the lounge.

They are having a heat wave here most unexpected, off to New Mexico now via the scenic route, got to do it while you can. Linda
#938395 by marshy11
13 Sep 2017, 20:16
Great to hear you had a good flight, shame about the main course.

I can appreciate the warm scones with clotted cream and I do hope you had the jam/cream in the right order (the Cornish way is the ONLY way!) :-P

Enjoy New Mexico. Have fun.
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