#919842 by gfonk
10 Apr 2016, 19:09
So we have got our flights to HND booked for 2017, :-D
As soon as the flights became available I checked upgrade availability and had a nervous 26hours while we waited for miles to transfer from our Amex. As soon as I saw that the transfer had been done (was refreshing my account regularly lol), I got online and booked.
So now we are searching for some teppanyaki restaurants and have started our spreadsheet.
Have also managed to book Southern tower hotel shinjuku albeit at the rack rate at this point. I could be cheeky near the time and rebook online like I did last time if the price drops nearer the time, but feel a bit bad about doing that kind of thing. :blush:
Waiting to book the Shangri la too but the price is crazy at moment so will wait and see.
Anyway I think I might need to order some packing cubes and have got my eye on a samsonite carry on and an LV garment bag.hehe
#919848 by gfonk
10 Apr 2016, 20:15
cks9865 wrote:Nice one. Is the flight with ana as I have one booked but am waiting on a second to come up or its going to be Shanghai

Its a BA flight.
But hoping that VS will return to flying to Tokyo one day.
#919852 by honey lamb
10 Apr 2016, 20:43
SlimpyJones wrote:Well done. :)
Better in the BA forum though?

'Tis moved!
#919859 by Bretty
10 Apr 2016, 22:36
Well done gfonk and don't feel guilty about rebooking same hotel later on a cheaper rate.
The Southern Tower has a decent teppanyaki place offering Kobe beef. And a nice sushi bar. If you're going to Kyoto the Hotel Granvia at Kyoto station also has a rather nice teppanyaki too.

We're planning on returning September or October 2017.
Let the planning begin.
#919860 by gfonk
10 Apr 2016, 22:56
Thanks Bretty.
Will check the southern website nearer the time.
Yes the Teppanyaki restaurant at the Granvia is simply amazing, we went there on christmas day 2013 and wow! what an experience. we havent actually tried the restaurants at the southern tower yet exept for their amazing breakfasts and the mexican place lol probably the best fajitas and guacamole i have ever had lol.
This trip we are hoping to visit Sapporo for the yuki matsuri (ice sculpture festival) and hopefully the Nikka distillery in nearby Yoichi. Then fly down to Osaka for an afternoon shopping in Kiyumizu kyoto and a day at Universal studios osaka, and after going for Tofu sukiyaki (i think) then take a late shinkansen back to Tokyo for 11nights including Disneyland :-D
just gota save up to shop! We will also be using kuroneko to ship 9boxes back to UK especially since BA have cut CW luggage allowance. :-P
#919861 by Bretty
10 Apr 2016, 23:18
Sounds like a great trip. I loved the walk from Kiyumizu dera temple through the shops to Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park.
#919865 by Snora
11 Apr 2016, 08:55
if i ever get around to booking a Tokyo trip I am def going to liaise with Bretty and gfonk on it ! wow what in depth knowledge ! Just seems all a bit daunting - where to start - where to stay- how long for etc etc I have had no problems in arranging many month long hols in USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe over the years - but going East seems to fry my brain just thinking about it.
#919869 by gfonk
11 Apr 2016, 09:06
Bretty wrote:Sounds like a great trip. I loved the walk from Kiyumizu dera temple through the shops to Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park.

me too.
@snora, I would be equally daunted planning a trip to USA lol. Just have been to Tokyo a few times now. We also do alot of research finding restaurants too. In terms of where to stay in Tokyo shinjuku is a good place to start as lots going on there plus its easy to get to most places from there. Tokyo station is also good place to start too.
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