#920253 by Neil
20 Apr 2016, 07:52
So you're going to fly LBA-LHR, then LHR-MAN?
If you book luggage then and there is plenty of time in your connections, then yes, your luggage will end up with you in MAN.

You say it's quicker to do that, I assume you mean quicker than walking :-D as otherwise surely train or car is the quickest way.
#920521 by easygoingeezer
27 Apr 2016, 14:46
Booked it. My holiday starts at Leeds ( 20 mins from home ) 40 min flight to LHR 50 min wait and 50 min flight to Man. Got an LV case for my shorts n stuff just within carry on measurements. £120 for ticket, might even have time for a quick T10 n Tonic between flights.
#920553 by etk
28 Apr 2016, 07:04
Still confused how that's quicker than getting the train!

It's only 1:15 from Leeds to MAN by direct train (and 20 mins or so from LBA to Leeds train station if you live the "wrong" side of the airport for the purposes of this journey). Oh and it's £26 for a ticket! I love flying as much as anyone but don't think I could bring myself to do this journey! :-D
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