#920247 by hiljil
20 Apr 2016, 00:31
Thank you to everyone for your very kind wishes for my First First. I just wanted to let you know that it lived up to my expectations and I had a wonderful day. I will write a TR as soon as I'm properly settled into my holiday.

Janeclar, if you read this - I drank to your health at Farlows today !! :D
#920250 by marshy11
20 Apr 2016, 07:32
Oh I can't wait for the TR.

So glad you had a perfect day.
#920254 by Janeclar
20 Apr 2016, 08:39
I was wondering whether you would visit Farlows - we were there in November and February!! We loved the refurbishment.
Have a wonderful holiday and hopefully we will meet in Farlows sometime in the future! X
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