#924942 by tontybear
14 Aug 2016, 19:22
It's been on the cards for a while. BA have been reducing the offering more and more and many would say that the 2nd 'meal' went ages ago anyway and this basically just formalises that.

Havn't VS been doing the same to a lesser degree?
#924948 by honey lamb
14 Aug 2016, 22:42
Also reported in more detail here
#924956 by Eggtastico
15 Aug 2016, 06:59
BA only doing 1 meal round on a 6hr+ flight is wrong, for busy airports it could easily be anything over 8 hours once someone gets a chance to eat again after the inflight meal - as once landed, you just want to get to your hotel, etc.

However, maybe BA should have advertised this better & maybe give the meal later in flight (with an optional snack earlier on).
At least people know they will be fed 3-4 hours into the flight, rather than an hour.

That way, people have the 'choice' to feed theme selves in the airport.

I see planes no different to trains or buses. Its just a form of getting from A to B & its not like you get free food in Economy Travel on Trains & I dont think there is such a thing as business/first class travel on busses.

This is where a lounge is great. 2 pints & a meal can cost you almost as much as does to get into a lounge.
#924957 by hiljil
15 Aug 2016, 07:11
So does this mean, that, on night flights back from Florida which often manage just under 8 .5 hours, no form of breakfast will be offered ? :-O
#924959 by dickydotcom
15 Aug 2016, 07:36
hiljil wrote:So does this mean, that, on night flights back from Florida which often manage just under 8 .5 hours, no form of breakfast will be offered ? :-O

Long ago I gave up having the cooked breakfast on the return flight. Mrs D did choose it this year and left most of it. Which just confirmed my existing opinion that it is rubbish. A cup of tea and a muffin will do me fine.
At home we go 12 hours between our main evening meal and breakfast so I don't think it will bother me.

Anyone with medical dietary issues may want to check exactly what's on offer before flying.

Dick D
#924971 by catsilversword
15 Aug 2016, 12:29
Its just the principle really - I generally don't eat much, if any, of the second snack, but that's because it isn't very appealing. Just read through the other link posted though - seriously, remove the bottle of water and replace with small plastic cup???

i wouldn't expect to be catered for on a train journey either, but it's quite different, as you don't have the opportunity to get off at the next station to get something!
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