#930617 by Sealink
28 Dec 2016, 10:41
So today is my first time in first class and as a result I am sitting in the Concord Room in T5.

First Class check in was very pleasant.
The long walk from Sofitel to Zone J is worth it as heading to Concord Room on other side of security is tough.

A very warm welcome and introduction from the reception team.

It's a pleasant enough space but no Clubhouse.

Some silly service niggles:

- porridge ordered for breakfast was delivered at same time as cooked breakfast.
- cooked breakfast order taken incorrectly
- trying to summon staff as they rush past is annoying

I'm aware that these are minor niggles in the big scheme of things; it annoys me because they are so close to perfect and to miss it on this little things is sad.

Still, I haven't had a full walk round yet.
#930618 by Daffodil
28 Dec 2016, 10:53
Waves back from a cold and frosty Wales.
What a pity the service isn't up to scratch.
Its over 20 years ago when I was last in the Concorde room , flying Concorde to Barbados in under 4 hours.
Enjoy you first trip in 1st class and I hope the inflight service well be much better than you have experienced on the ground.
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#930619 by gumshoe
28 Dec 2016, 10:59
I've only been in the CCR once and found it bland and soulless with, like you, distinctly average service.

I guess it's perfect for BA's target First customer but I was very disappointed and actually preferred the Flounge.

The JFK CCR, however, was much better - largely because it's much quieter. Still not a patch on the Clubhouse though!
#930625 by hiljil
28 Dec 2016, 11:27
Sorry you are underwhelmed by the Concorde Room. Hope things improve on the flight !
Have a great time and enjoy Canada.
#930626 by marshy11
28 Dec 2016, 11:50
Waves back from a chilly Cornwall.

Enjoy the lounge, I hope the niggles iron out and service improves. Have a lovely flight and safe onward travels.
#930634 by pjh
28 Dec 2016, 13:30
Have a great time.
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