#930772 by tontybear
01 Jan 2017, 17:08
Tonty and Beary send greetings and paw waggles!

All very pleasant which is what I suppose BA pass off these days as something special
#930774 by hiljil
01 Jan 2017, 17:27
Greetings back and have a good flight and a Happy New Year :-D
#930776 by pjh
01 Jan 2017, 17:55
Have a great time in NYC
#930779 by TimCrawley
01 Jan 2017, 18:07
Enjoy the trip - will the bags be suitably full of sales bargain shopping on the return?
#930780 by marshy11
01 Jan 2017, 18:38
What a lovely start to the New Year. Enjoy.
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