#935554 by catsilversword
27 May 2017, 10:18
I'm thinking the best option is to do LHR - DUB the day before - I realise it would no doubt be cheaper to fly from a different airport, but the car will need to be at LHR for when we get back.... Any thoughts or tips for who to use for the propositioning flight????
#935555 by tontybear
27 May 2017, 11:41
From LHR the only options to fly direct to DUB are BA and EI (from T2)

There is something to say for staying with BA in case of any issues. They would be more likely to be flexible with rebooking if say your positioning flight was late meaning you would miss your DUB-LHR back than if you flew EI.

Just checkign in that on Day 1 you would fly LHR-DUB then overnight and Day 2 is DUB-LHR-PHX?

What are your plans for luggage?
#935558 by catsilversword
27 May 2017, 14:00
Thanks Tonty - I see your point. Yes, the plan is to do LHR - DUB on day one, overnight in DUB and then DUB - LHR - PHX on day 2.

Was also thinking abut luggage, and have just had a quick look at BA flights for the LHR - DUB leg. Economy flights are something like £75 ( maybe 74, but around that figure), but are carry-on bags only. They want to charge £65 for a checked bag - however, they also sell economy plus flights, which are about £90 or maybe slightly more, but that does include one checked bag, up to 23g. Much better option, methinks - we may well come home with more weight than that (both bags and personally!), but going out will be fine. Unless I've missed something glaringly obvious.....
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