#940632 by Concorde RIP
08 Jan 2018, 21:00
Due to a confluence of circumstances, I have qualified as BA gold for the upcoming year.

This hasn't happened before, and is highly unlikely to happen again.

Of course, I can read all the benefits etc, but was wondering...

From any experienced BA gold card holders, what is the inside track on making the most of gold status in respect of flying with my family etc?

Any tips?

#940634 by gumshoe
08 Jan 2018, 21:06
My tip - cheap weekend breaks on routes served from LHR T3.

For a £29 flight to Luxembourg (other destinations are available!) BA will actually lose money as you flit between four T3 lounge complexes including the very highly rated CX and QF lounges with full bars & dining - both far superior to BA’s very average Flounges in T3 & T5.
#940665 by Concorde RIP
09 Jan 2018, 22:56
Thanks for this - that's a really interesting tip and just the sort of thing I was hopoing experienced BAEC AU's would know.

Will certainly look into those sorts of trips - you never know, I might even keep AU!
#940666 by Sealink
09 Jan 2018, 23:04
You'll also earn a shed load of Avios due to your status, have full seat selection for free (as well as anyone travelling with you in same cabin) and use of First Wing at LHR and First check in at other airports.
#940688 by Hamster
10 Jan 2018, 20:47
Bear in mind that First (& Club) Lounge and First wing access is limited to 1 guest.

If you travel on OneWorld airlines don't forget the lounge access, even on domestic AA flights where their scheme doesn't allow entry.

A Gold benefit not always mentioned is the extra economy reward seats that are available, could be handy for European trips.
#940694 by tontybear
11 Jan 2018, 08:51
The extra luggage allowance in certain cabins might come in handy.

Free seat selection for everyone on your booking from time of booking. Also ability to do it for people not on same booking if flying in the same cabin as you (under the manual ‘to complete party’ process)

Use of F checkin desks / priority security

Use of F lounges where available
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#940727 by hazban
12 Jan 2018, 13:05
Not wishing to sound too negative but the whole purpose of Frequent Flyer programs is to "hook" the traveller, and keep them on board (so to speak!). There is a certain satisfaction when you reach an elevated level and it is their intention to keep you spending with them.
Enjoy all the benefits mentioned previously but don't get seduced into maintaining your present level come what may.
I started out with Virgin in 2010 and soon got to gold and enjoyed the privileges, a few years later made it to Gold with BA (now relegated to Silver) and now enjoying the considerable benefits of being a Gold card with Emirates, who candidly knock the others out of the water (or should that be air?), though my experience is only in first class.
If like me you are spending your own money on travel always check the competition for pricing, deals, routing etc. then make your decision.
Also make better use of all the miles and tier point accrued than I have. Despite all the great information on forums such as this I think that I have squandered mine on free (not upgrades) flights and knocking of a few hundred £'s on a booking.
In other words enjoy your status whilst it lasts!
#940756 by Concorde RIP
13 Jan 2018, 16:15
Sealink, Hamster, TontyBear and Hazbsan...

Thank you very much for your replies and advice.

From everyone's advice here, lounge access seems to be one of the ways of maximising the benefits as well as the increased availability of reward flights.

The extra Avios won't do any harm either!

I note Hazban's wise caution!

Thanks again all.
#940757 by hazban
13 Jan 2018, 16:35
Greetings from the Conrad Hong Kong where I have been reunited with my avatar.
There are a lot of people out there who will knock airlines, hotel groups etc. Don't let it distract you if you enjoy the benefits, and there are many, everyone appreciates being acknowledged and the benefits it brings.
Make the most of it as some day you will have to turn right! :mrgreen:
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