#260774 by willd
28 Sep 2009, 11:37
I noticed in the business section of yesterdays Sunday Times there was an article on the attempt by LH to sell BD.

It seems that BE have now entered the race alongside VS and BA to buy the airline off LH. Interestingly they said that any BA bid would actually be done through BE (BA own 15% of BE as part of the BACON deal) so as to avoid any OFT/EU Competition issues.

The article went further to state that EK and EY are reportedly interested also, although I tend to view that with a pinch of salt, given that anytime any sort of deal in the aviation industry is mentioned 'analysts' throw their name into the hat due to the huge finances they have available.

It would be a really sucker punch to VS if BE managed to get their hands on BD.
#726749 by slinky09
01 Oct 2009, 12:55
Apparently LH has completed the purchase of SAS's 20% share in BMI. An important step wrt any sale???

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