#260939 by u05rdh
12 Oct 2009, 05:28

I'm due to fly from aberdeen to New York on the 3rd of November ABZ to LHR with Bmi then LHR to EWR with virgin.

Now the problem is that the Bmi fligh was ment to get into LHR at 12:00 then depart LHR at 16:00. Now Bmi has moved out fligh so it gets into LHR at 14:05 and the LHR still leaves at 16:00. So we have 55 minutes to get our bags and get across LHR.

Now I have called virgin and they have tried to change the ABZ flight but everytime I call them to see if it's been changes they say i'm on a waiting list.

Can anyone tell me what I can do? What happens if they can't change the flight?

Thanks for any help/advice

#727460 by HighFlyer
12 Oct 2009, 10:42
I am assuming that Virgin have booked the bmi flight for you? If so, then it is their responsibility to alter the flight. I would call them and escalate to get a confirmed response as to what the hold up is, ask to speak to a supervisor. Its probably a case of bmi waiting on Virgin and Virgin waiting on bmi but do express your concerns and ask for an update of where they are in the process.

You do still have plenty of time so try not to worry too much.

#727462 by Decker
12 Oct 2009, 10:44
Is it all on one PNR issued by Virgin?
#727491 by oxmatt
12 Oct 2009, 15:47
If it is on same PNR you should be able to check the bags through to EWR with BMI - you will also get your boarding pass at ABZ and then you can transit through LHR without going landside.
#727545 by u05rdh
13 Oct 2009, 01:13
Thanks for all the replys.

The trip is booked under the one booking refernce I mad sure of that in case BMI very late or anything. The BMI flight goes into T1 i think and the Virgin flight leave from T3.

Everytime I call them they say that i'm on a waiting list and BMI will change it when there are seat available. I've been on the BMI site and I can book 3 seats? I'll call them again tonight see whats going on.

I did ask about the checking the bags right through but I was told they cant guarintee it.

Again thanks for the help.
#727615 by RedVee
13 Oct 2009, 20:49
As others have said, BMI and or Virgin should sort this out for you if you are on one PNR.

But surely you have 1 hr and 55 mins - not 55mins?

BD675 gets in at 14:05 and the EWR flight leaves at 16:00. If you were traveling UC this would severely cut into your Clubhouse time but other wise 1 hr and 55 mins is plenty of time to get from T1 to T3 if your bags are through checked.

#727812 by u05rdh
18 Oct 2009, 08:13
Well the LHR flight leave at 4pm so we do have 1hr and 55 minutes but the virgin check in closes 1 hour before the flight.

I called them today and said that I really needed them to sort it out now as I have waited log enough. I was very nice on the phone and the girls was really helpfull and changed it there and then??? She said something like all that needed to be done was cancel the original flight.

So sorted in the end ow get into LHR at 12:45 so lots of time to spare.

Thanks again for the help.
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