#729621 by Scrooge
11 Nov 2009, 20:37
There you go then, LH is going to end up selling it off piece by piece.
#729622 by Bill S
11 Nov 2009, 20:42
With another 100m+ pension deficit, it is easy to see why there were no high bidders for its sale.
#729633 by slinky09
11 Nov 2009, 22:29
Here's a reply I made in a previous thread on why VS shouldn't buy it:

You have 4,500 staff to pay redundancy to
You have aircraft to sell at probably below book price
You have to sell slots in a depressed market, and a glut of them
You suffer the bad publicity
You spend all your management time on a non core activity
You have to cancel people's flights, their holidays, their trips
to dying relatives
You have to run the airline at a huge loss (est. 200m this year on
1bn sales) until you manage all of the above

I may be wrong, however I agree BMI has no future, SMB did a bobby dazzler in exiting when he did ... yes, I foresee BMI becoming a rump and selling assets until it withers away. It's a sad , but inevitable thing however VS's best strategy is to watch it happen and pick up slots for a song.

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