#736298 by greyt
07 Feb 2010, 11:27
Mixing reward classes isnt a problem. It is always recommended to book two single trips rather than a return anyway - it lets you change the return leg if you need to then. Otherwise the return cant be changed once you have started the outbound leg.

Remember F charges are 2.5*miles and 2.5*cash now.
#736306 by AndyK
07 Feb 2010, 13:32
Thanks greyt (fellow greyhound owner?)

So have I got my (miles) sums OK -

LHR-SFO in First using miles+cash = 12,500 miles * 2.5 = 31250 miles + 75 * 2.5 = 175

SFO-LHR in J using miles+cash = 12,500 miles * 1.5 = 18750 miles + 75 * 1.5 = 112.50

Total = 50,000 miles and 287.50 + taxes, APD etc.

#736308 by daywalker
07 Feb 2010, 15:27
Looks right to me Andy and I agree with greyt, book as two single trips.
#736318 by AndyK
07 Feb 2010, 17:48
Many thanks DW :)
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