#741821 by scally
05 Apr 2010, 20:45
Does anyone know if the BMI lounge in Edinburgh has been given a much needed facelift yet, or does it still look like a dentists waiting from from the 1980's. If that dentist had shopped for furniture at Ikea. And was colour blind.
I know the Servisair lounge has been given an overhaul, and if the Gatwick lounges are anything to go by, that might be a preferable option.
However - anyone know what the food - er - snack options are in each of them? I need enough to graze on to keep me going until I get home and can have some supper before bed...
Cheers ;)
#741822 by David
05 Apr 2010, 20:52
The Servisair Lounge has only the usual crisps, shortbread, cookies and the odd piece of fruit, as well as a good coffee machine and the usual selection of bottled beers and spirits.

Still not to bad a place to be. Haven't been in the BMI lounge yet. If you haven't been to EDI in a while, you will notice a huge difference in the departure lounge.


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