#758989 by Martin
02 Nov 2010, 19:29
I'm flying with BMI to Cairo on Thursday and I wondered if anyone has experience of upgrading to business class at Heathrow.

Do they offer VS style £199/£249 upgrades on the day if there are seats left?

#759003 by miopyk
02 Nov 2010, 22:07
Can't help with the upgrade question I'm afraid but I have been out to Cairo twice in the last 3 weeks and all the flights out and back have been packed.

Miopyk 8D
#759033 by Martin
03 Nov 2010, 00:05
Thanks Miopyk

I have had a look on the BMI website and there are Business class seats still available to book, so maybe I'll be lucky.
#759043 by Danny358
03 Nov 2010, 07:48
We used to fly Man -Las with BMI a few years ago before they moved the fleet to the Cairo route. you could upgrade from premium to business on the day subject to availabilty and food load for around £500 one way

#760137 by Martin
18 Nov 2010, 01:41
Did the Egypt trip and can report back on this topic.

I was on an Egypt Air ticket (heading on to Luxor) which made it impossible to do OLCI, so when I got to the airport with my wife I was not amused to find we had been allocated separate seats. They did not even have an exit row by the time we got to the desk even though a helpful pre-check-in assistant said she had held two for us. Fortunately they had availability in business class and their standard "at the airport upgrade" price was £150 per person, so I took a couple of those and made Mrs H very happy.

Regarding BMI lounge access, I checked with the concierge and she was quite clear that using my FC Gold card I could not take in a second person. (But as we had Business tickets by that time it was of course fine).

The BMI Great British Lounge is OK as far as it goes, but pales compared to the Virgin Clubhouse.
#760502 by Alex V
23 Nov 2010, 14:55
Thanks for the update Martin glad you got the upgrade you sought, btw is the upgrade to business class similar to ba cu or similar to the cw seat on offer from bmi?


#760788 by Martin
26 Nov 2010, 16:20
Alex V wrote: btw is the upgrade to business class similar to ba cu or similar to the cw seat on offer from bmi?



Hi Alex

I don't fly BA, so I can't compare with them. The Cairo flights were both Airbus A321 and the seats were like these http://flybmi-agent.com/page2_files/BusinessCabin.jpg.
Loads of legroom and a good extendable leg rest. Better than the VS PE footrest. They had a non-VoD IFE system under the armrest with a v. small screen (outbound was on an older a/c). On the way back the IFE was in the armrest with a bigger screen - a much newer a/c.


Virgin Atlantic

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