#773901 by Guest
04 Apr 2011, 16:50
Hi folks,

I'm a newbie to the forum (thoroughly enjoying reading the trip reports in particular), and I was hoping some of you more seasoned travellers might be able to help me with a query :)

I have booked a bmi/Virgin codeshare flight through bmi, with Virgin flying the LHR-DXB leg of my journey. According to BMI, I have booked a Z fare for this leg which is showing as 'business' class on expedia and checkmytrip.com. I assumed this would map on to Virgin's own Z fare in UC - however, when I access the Virgin MMB webpage, my flights are showing in economy with an N fare ?|

Has this happened to anyone before, and any ideas what to do in these circumstances? I would rather have this resolved before turning up for my flight and finding that I have been downgraded with no recourse at the airport, but so far Virgin customer services have met my emails with silence... :w

Any advice much appreciated!

#773903 by Neil
04 Apr 2011, 16:54
Did you intend to book UC or economy? If you booked and paid a fare that should be an UC fare, then you need to get in touch with bmi as you booked the flight through them.
#773910 by Guest
04 Apr 2011, 17:09
Hi Neil,

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. The expedia booking was explicitly made for 'business class', so I think there must be a gremlin in the system somewhere... I'll get on the case with bmi.
#773914 by Neil
04 Apr 2011, 17:27
I thought you booked through bmi not expedia? So, to clarify, you intended and have paid a fare that should is like an UC fare (so £1500+).

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