#788687 by AndyK
17 Aug 2011, 14:42
Hi guys

I am in the very early stages of planning a LAS visit in late March/early April.
If I've done my sums right, 50k BMI miles should give me miles+money opporutunity on UA F out J back.

I need to know what the fees/money/taxes are all in, also can someone see how open or not this might be?
Something like out 2 April for 7 nights, but flexible with dates.

Thanks very much in advance! :)
#788700 by MarkedMan
17 Aug 2011, 16:53
You can use AC's aeroplan flight search engine to identify available *A flight with no login required. It's pretty good. Frankly, CO does a pretty decent job as well. Neither will probably be all that helpful with M+M, for which you would ultimately need to call UA.

C availability will be really, really challenging on UA. They are actually doing a decent job of selling C, and since they have separate buckets for upgrade vs rewards, they tend to open up a handful of seats for upgrade, and none for rewards, on the flights. I can't stress enough how challenging this is going to be. I saw no availability for saver C awards in the timeframe you mention, and M+M was pricing at 125k miles + 2300 dollars all in.

Couldn't get F to price in M+M, but it's kind of moot, as you will need more miles anyway. Plenty of F availability for regular mileage redemption, as no one buys F much anyway on these flights. PM me if you need more info.
#788701 by AndyK
17 Aug 2011, 16:58
thanks MM, appreciate you looking
Going off the BMI chart though it states for M&M Star Alliance 25000 miles+£140 (plus taxes etc) for an economy return.
So 12500 per sector. First is 2.5x that so31250 and J is 1.5 so 18750 hence me making it 50000+money+taxes, is that not the case?

#788704 by AndyK
17 Aug 2011, 17:25
See what you mean about C availability on UA, not going to happen

looking like UA F out (if I'm flexible with dates) and AC J back.
#788707 by AndyK
17 Aug 2011, 17:37
See what you mean about C availability on UA, not going to happen

looking like UA F out (if I'm flexible with dates) and AC J back.
#788754 by MarkedMan
18 Aug 2011, 14:20
You're right on BMI M+M, I was looking at UA's M+M, more flexible, but more miles+money!

Really, avoid UA C redemptions (and I say this as a now-UA flyer): if you can find availability, it's most likely going to be on the old configs. I'd likewise steer clear of LH. You will be much better off with AC J, or LX if you can find it.
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