#792701 by vji6697
30 Sep 2011, 16:37
Hi all.

Thanks to the good folks here, I got my head around flying club and used my miles to good effect earlier this year to get some cheap (subjective of course) UC flights to LA.

We took advantage of the recent BMI offer where you got 10k miles on signup/first use and a further 20k on £250 spend. So both myself and the wife are sat on over 30K each.

So, looking at the zones (and if I am reading it correctly) If I want to book a BusClass return from Manchester to Marrakech then it would cost me 12000 (Zone 1 to Zone2) + 7500 for a stop over in Zone one = 19500 x 1.5 for a business class redemption.

That brings the total miles required to 29250.

Have I got that right ?

I then went on their redemption section and looked for flights in March, found some with availability in BC but when I went all the way thru, they were showing up as Economy.

I am going to give them a call next week, but just wanted to check with those in the know here that I have not grossly misunderstood how the BMI Scheme works or that I have missed something entirely.



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