#777610 by Luke085
08 May 2011, 00:18
Very much off topic but for anyone who gets as excited about theme parks, Busch Gardens new Cheetah Hunt ride is nearing final testing stages before opening in June.

See below:


It will become the longest coaster in Florida plus with 3 seperate launches I can't wait to ride!

#777720 by Hev60
08 May 2011, 23:11
I read this quote in the local Tampa newspaper just over a week ago "An opening date has been set for the newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens. Cheetah Hunt will be running as of May 27, the Friday of the busy Memorial Day weekend"
#777765 by Seppy
09 May 2011, 13:46
Near to the ride will be I think six juvenile (one to two years old) cheetahs. I was lucky enough to meet and stroke two of the future stars at Spier last November - and am therefore planning to go and see them and the ride soon!
#779202 by Tinkerbelle
20 May 2011, 13:48
There's another new video of the ride testing showing a lot more of the coaster than before.


I do like the look of the ride but think that the figure-8 section of track looks so slow. It opens a week today. Now to decide whether to make a quick trip to Tampa to ride it. :?
#779983 by Luke085
26 May 2011, 16:07
Tinkerbelle wrote:Today is Media Day for Cheetah Hunt and Busch Gardens have released a POV from the coaster. The ride lasts for much longer than I thought it would and now I'm looking forward to riding it!



Saw this yesterday, it definitely is long! Roll on september! y)
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