#836930 by ecnirp
05 Feb 2013, 21:40

We are holidaying in Orlando May 24th to June 7th, 2 adults and a 6 year old child, I bought the Disney & Universal combo ticket for 2 weeks access (was buy 7 days, get 7 free, still pay a fortune!!!), i'm wondering what time would people recommend visiting the parks? early morning quieter? we last visited about 15 years ago as a couple and we tended to have lunch then go into the park and we'd stay until closing, watch the fireworks etc, but with a 6 yr old in the heat, it would be a long day.

Thanks for any advice.
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#836932 by AlecK
05 Feb 2013, 21:48
For WDW, as soon as the park opens. If you are staying at a WDW hotel use morning EMH if available. If staying offsite avoid the morning EMH park and visit a different one.
#836933 by Neil
05 Feb 2013, 21:52
I would suggest having a read of EasyWDW. Josh runs an excellent site and provides a very handy month planner guide showing which parks to visit on each day. He spends a lot of time working his guide out and takes so many things you wouldn't even think about in to account. I always follow his guides and they have proved very useful.
#836935 by Luke12
05 Feb 2013, 21:55
Definitely get to the parks early. Without going into planning overdrive, it's worth identifying the key rides you want to do first.

Make the most of the Fastpasses at Disney - remember, now you have to return in your allotted 1 hour window.

Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania is the most popular here, worth getting there first and either riding straight away or getting a Fastpass. 90 minute queue is not uncommon even in quieter periods.

Epcot - Soarin and Test Track will be busy. Suggest getting a FP for one and riding the other.

Universal - at the Studios head for Despicable Me or Rip Ride Rocket first. At IOA, visit Wizarding World of HP first if this is of interest, it does get busy.

I prefer going early, heading back to the hotel/villa for a few hours then popping back in the evening for fireworks etc. Like you say, it's a very long day if you stay out all day, especially in the heat with children.
#836936 by Luke12
05 Feb 2013, 21:57
Oh and the new Disney app is great, especially for the queue times. I found it very accurate, plus free WIFI in all Disney parks now.
#836939 by stevebrass
05 Feb 2013, 22:03
The DIBB has lots of useful information.
#836942 by Gerrym
05 Feb 2013, 22:14
Hi, if you have not yet visited www.thedibb.co.uk then you really ought to. So much information and it is specifically for Brits visiting Disney Florida. On that site there is a guide to busy days at WDW.
We are there from 22nd May to 9th June.


#836944 by Gerrym
05 Feb 2013, 22:15
Luke12 wrote:Oh and the new Disney app is great, especially for the queue times. I found it very accurate, plus free WIFI in all Disney parks now.

+1 for Luke's suggestion, we found it accurate.
#836953 by ecnirp
05 Feb 2013, 23:59
Thanks for all the suggestions, this sounds less of a holiday and more a battleplan!!!! we are doing 2 weeks in Orlando then a week at St Pete's to recover, checking pout thedibb now thanks.

We are staying in a villa near Disney, a few people have mentioned leaving the park and returning, do you just pay for parking once when doing that?
#836955 by Trevski220
06 Feb 2013, 00:22
Yes just once, keep your receipt/ticket and you can re enter , Also Disney car parking is good at any Disney park all day so don't have to stick with same park when you return!
#836989 by james07
06 Feb 2013, 14:27
Try to prevent the Magic kingdom on Monday since it tends to be more loaded at the starting of the week. Fantasmic is amazing but is only proven on some days(Friday being one of them). Rock n Roller Coaster may be closed till Thursday.
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