#858599 by Pete
29 Sep 2013, 14:21
I'm planning to head over to Florida and have worked out a rough daily itinerary (based partly on the Dibb's useful list of which days they recommend to visit a particular park), but now looking at what's the best way to ticket this lot?

Tuesday: Magic Kingdom
Wednesday: Kennedy Space Centre
Thursday: Epcot
Friday: Universal Studios
Saturday: Disney Hollywood Studios
Sunday: Disney Animal Kingdom
Monday: Islands Of Adventure
Tuesday: Sea World

I think I have one or two unexpired days on a previous non-expiring Disney park hopper ticker, but I need to check that. With the myriad of ticket options, any advice on how to cover this lot would be appreciated. And does my plan look sensible?


#858605 by gumshoe
29 Sep 2013, 15:32
Hi Pete, I'll leave the ticketing question to someone far better qualified than me to answer it.

The only thing I'd say is that looks a very exhausting itinerary. If you want to make the most of your time in the parks and see all the fireworks and end of day shows you'll be up early, out late and walking several miles a day in between, potentially in very hot weather. While it may look doable on paper, I suspect by the weekend you may find yourself theme parked out and craving a day where you can just chill out. Never underestimate just how tiring schlepping around theme parks is, especially in the Florida sunshine.
#858607 by Neil
29 Sep 2013, 16:15
I'd go for 4 MYW base ticket from undercover tourist to cover your Disney needs, and a 2 park ticket for Universal, which you will be able to get from any of the UK agents like attraction tickets direct for about £100.

The one issue is Sea World, which wouldn't be covered, and you might find cheaper to just buy an on the day entry rather than add to the universal tickets, but it's worth checking the options again.

I'd take a really good look at the crowd calendar on EasyWDW.com and use that as your main planning tool for which day to do each park. I've used that for the past however many trips and have found his accuracy to be a lot better than the others inc The Dibb.
#858612 by Pete
29 Sep 2013, 17:15
Cheers Neil,

My research so far had come to a similar conclusion, although thanks for the tip about the crowd calendar. Will take a look at that now.

BTW, thinking of pricelining a hotel, and it looks like some possible options that I'd end up getting if I bid on them are Wyndham Bonnet Creek for about $66, Rosen Shingle Creek for about $57 or Westin Orlando Universal Blvd for about $65. Anyone have any experience of those hotels?
#858650 by Treelo
30 Sep 2013, 15:14
Strangely for me, I am tending to agree with all 3 answers here.
Gumshoe: I agree, it looks like a really tiring schedule.
Neil: I agree with your ticket thoughts and the Wyndham Bonnet Creek is more 'central'
NH: SeaWorld were certainly offering a second day return as recently as May this year.
OMG, haven't agreed with so many posters on this site, in so short a time, for eons!!! :0
Pete, have a great trip, hope you enjoy HP World at IOA as much as we did earlier this year.
#858663 by Pete
30 Sep 2013, 21:42
SO I Priceline'd and got the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort. Anyone have any thoughts about the place?

Managed to snag my favourite Aria on the extended trip to Vegas...
#858680 by Neil
01 Oct 2013, 07:37
LBV is a good area, it's exit 68 on the I4 so perfect for Disney and Uni - traffic can be a little mental sometimes around there though so allow plenty of time for travelling.

Not stayed specifically at the Sheraton but I imagine it will be pretty standard corporate Sheraton, just full of kids instead of suits ;)
#859170 by Pete
09 Oct 2013, 17:04
Having come to the conclusion that a 4 Day MYW ticket was the way to go with this, I then went to make a purchase from Undercover Tourist only to realise I've left it a bit late for anything other than express shipping. And there's the rub. Express shipping costs $30. A 4 Day MYW ticket only saves $24 over the turnstile price. This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

Would I be stupid queuing to buy tickets on a daily basis?
#859172 by Treelo
09 Oct 2013, 17:58
Pete wrote:Would I be stupid queuing to buy tickets on a daily basis?

I've done this on occasion. However, depending on your park arrival time, there can be some fairly daunting queues. Good luck. :)
#859174 by Neil
09 Oct 2013, 18:57
Give them a call, they have a UK based office (somewhere in Scotland) and they are very helpful and sure they would be able to arrange some prompt regular shipping if you ask nicely.

If that doesn't work, then as above they do a pick up option too.
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