#905974 by Pete
23 Jun 2015, 20:48
As some members will be aware, there's been development underway for some time on a new version of the site. It re-focuses the emphasis of V-Flyer on the forum discussion whilst bringing a modern new design that takes better advantage of the screen real estate regardless of whether you're visiting from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Migrating to the new site will take some time, and probably will have some teething problems. I'm running a couple of test imports right now, and if that goes well I'm going to turn off access to the current site, pull all the data across to the new site then throw the switch and hope for the best.

If things go well, that may be as soon as overnight tonight.

Fingers crossed.

#905978 by Stevieboy
23 Jun 2015, 21:03

#905979 by jfenney
23 Jun 2015, 21:08
Outstanding Pete, and thank you for all your ,efforts to bring V- flyer to life :D y) y)
#905982 by TimCrawley
23 Jun 2015, 21:32
Must have been really hard work keeping 'old faithful' site going while working on the new .... if this goes well you might be able to fly more in your spare time instead of staring at screens looking after us!

Will keep everything crossed - best of luck with the switchover, looking forward to seeing the results.
#905994 by SNOMO
23 Jun 2015, 22:24
Good Luck hope it all goes well and thank you for all you do to keep this great site going, it cant be easy y)
#905999 by tontybear
23 Jun 2015, 22:54
Make sure you feed the hamsters first!

Oh and a bottle or two of gin for yourself!
#906371 by Sealink
29 Jun 2015, 23:04
Love the 404 page!

Can't seem to upload mobile wise but you know what I mean!
#908855 by Neil
21 Aug 2015, 12:45
donkeyman wrote:When are we likely to get the Aircraft dater base up dated with the 787 aircraft on it

The a/c database has the 6 active 787's in it already.
Virgin Atlantic

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