#910747 by pjh
29 Sep 2015, 08:23
Prompted by something ConcordRIP posted, I have just noticed (yes, I can be slow on the uptake) that I see only one page of topics when I access the "View Active Topics" option. This can mean that if I don't log on for a few days I miss certain topics.

Is this;

i) a setting that I can control in some way


ii) a system feature


iii) just a symptom of there not being a massive amount of activity.


#910748 by tontybear
29 Sep 2015, 10:35
I pick up on 'new' rather than 'active' topics' - just how I set the book mark up on the lap top. Not sure what I miss by not looking at the landing page though!

I have just checked 'active' and it's showing me 40+ topics that have all been started / commented on in the last week. 'New' shows me 2 - including this post - which are the ones that have had postings since I last looked last night.

Not sure if Pete has set it to show either a specific number or just topics from the last X period since people last logged on.

Not sure how many articles 'new' topics would show you if you've not logged on for a couple of days - whether it would be all since you last logged on or date limited.

And 'new' topics for me shows new topics plus old topics that have had activity since the last time I looked at it.
#910753 by marshy11
29 Sep 2015, 12:24
I've wondered about this too. I come here via the 'new' topics route.
#910764 by Neil
29 Sep 2015, 13:55
All very good points and questions, and one I think only Pete will be able to answer.
I also just use new posts/topics but I do log in on a regular basis so there isn't ever that many to see.
#910769 by David
29 Sep 2015, 14:36
I wonder if this is how some threads don't have many replies - if they fall off the first page, they die a death.

I use the "active" topics but go via the forum button when the used to be a specific active topic button at the head of the page

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