#911924 by Donkeh
21 Oct 2015, 08:34
Hi all,

I spend a lot (read: far too much!) of time travelling by train and often try to read this website while doing so, but I get frustrated at the mobile version of the website and give up.

My 2 main issues which I'm hoping I'm perhaps overlooking and someone can hopefully point me in the right direction, are:

1. I cannot find an equivalent of the "View New Posts" or "View Unread Posts" buttons. Basically, anything under the "Forum" button at the top of the page.

2. I cannot find a link anywhere on the site to allow me to switch to the full site - which I'm happy with as a compromise if option 1 above isn't possible.


Thanks :)
#911936 by gumshoe
21 Oct 2015, 10:00
Took me a while to work (1) out! Click on the drop down menu icon to the right of "Menu", then the little arrow to the right of "Advanced Search". As long as you're logged in to the site you'll see the view new posts, unread posts etc options there.

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