#939216 by WPIL
21 Oct 2017, 11:46
Back to England on a delayed Norwegian. Wasn't as delayed as originally advised so a bit of a rush from T1 (Southwest). Got to a very busy TBIT, lots of Pacific flights that evening. Check in was very quick again (Seat 1A) and through a painfully slow security line and that was supposdley fast track :-(
Had brought breakfast with me (Norwegian portions are not big) and once through bought some milk, deodorant in Hudson news.
With Norwegian Premium you get entry into the Oneworld lounge. Due to flight times changing would only have about 45 minutes in there. So straight to the shower, which was modern and clean but a little dark. Job done and had a small meal - chicken, rice and some French onion soup - all indicated as GF on the menu. Couple of glasses of wine and job done. It's a big lounge and was very crowded, various TV's showing Football (American MNF) and Baseball (Playoffs) - would have liked to have spent a bit more time.

Flight called and I was one of the last Premium passengers to board, still space in the overhead lockers. Flight left approx 2 hours after scheduled and a long taxi to the easter end of the Southern runway and then up and away over the Pacific with a big left turn over LA then into the darkness.

Meal came earlier and had a beer with it. Again nothing memorable - think it was chicken and potatoes with some sweetcorn and fruit. Wouldn't class service as friendly but not rude. Another lookalike steward on this flight - the main actor from Homeland.

They were using the mood lighting on this plane and windows were kept dark until about an hour of Gatwick (confused me at first, why is it still dark at midday?). Managed to get a few hours sleep, seat and leg room better than most other premium products, almost 80/90s business class standard. Didn't use the IFE.

For a no nonsense, fairly cheap option on a new plane I would use Norwegian again. I think they would be a good option for flying to Barbados or direct to Vegas. The extra 3 or so hours that you waste getting from Vegas to LA does take its toll.
#939245 by WPIL
23 Oct 2017, 11:15
Yes plenty of space, could be classed as Premium Plus and almost to Business Class level. Similar to how Upper Class beats most Business products but not good enough to be First.
#939451 by LucyLu
06 Nov 2017, 13:59
Would you recommend seat 1a? I've booked it for a flight to ORD next year and there is still the option to change.

Can you get out without the person in the aisle moving from their seat?
#939555 by WPIL
13 Nov 2017, 10:50
Hi Lucy.
You can just about get out without disturbing the person in Seat 1b although the person next o me was quit tall so it was a squeeze. However the seats behind might be slightly better/more room? Personally I do get out of my seat a lot to stretch, get access to my bags/food etc so I would have probably been better to be in an aisle. However I do like to look out the window, take pictures etc. Also 1a you are not allowed to store bags in front of you for take off and landing.
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