#918689 by julmops
11 Mar 2016, 22:18
While on my business trip in Denver (see the different TRs related to it), my father sadly passed away. He had been very ill for a long time and we knew that it could happen anytime.
As I'm originally from Switzerland, I had to arrange for flights to Geneva as soon as I was back from the US for me and my partner.
I usually would prefer Swiss over British Airways (let alone EasyJet) to fly back home and could find decent flights to Geneva and back for the Sunday (the day after arriving back from Denver) and flying back to Blighty on Thursday.
Flight out was in Economy and totally not worth a separate TR but the service was good as you would expect it from LX.
After having booked, I realised that I could upgrade the return flight from Geneva to Business for only 40 pounds per person, so I did.
We arrived in GVA just under 2 hours before the flight, went to check-in, which was done quickly and efficiently but without an ounce of enthusiasm ...
Up the stairs and to Priority Security Lane, which was actually quite busy but we were through in about 5 minutes.
Quick look around and up to the Swiss Business Lounge and the very end of a long corridor, passing the Swiss First and Senator Lounge and the British Airlines one.
Lounge is nice and airy, with a decent choice of food and drinks.
We were there for about 45 minutes and then walked all the way down to the B satellite in the middle of the apron, which is one of the non-Schengen areas.
We were there a bit early but we had to go through an extra documents check.
Priority boarding was enforced and we were the first ones through.
I had booked 1A and 1C for us.
Seats were good but 1C is very much in the way of incoming passengers so not ideal, at least at boarding time.
We took off on time and service started quite quickly with a nice roastbeef salad served with a nice hot roll and butter and an exotic fruit creamy sort of dessert ... Still not sure what it was but it was nice all the same.
All cabin crew were French speaking (mother tongue level), which is a nice change from my previous experiences with them. It seems that Swiss finally recruited local people for its GVA base.
Service in Business was made by the Maitre de Cabine and it was really nice.
I had some white wine to compliment the meal and then decided for some champagne, which was the same as served LX long haul routes, the Duval-Leroy.
We landed early and quickly docked to Terminal 2.
However, it must have been the longest walk back to immigration I've ever done.
We were the first ones off the plane and it took us over 10 minutes to reach immigration.
Good news was it was empty and we were through in minutes and the luggage was already there when we arrived at the belt.
All in all, a great experience, for which I was happy to pay an extra 40 quids per person, it really makes the difference.
#920207 by julmops
19 Apr 2016, 11:03
I forgot to mention that Terminal 2 in Heathrow is a real delight for departures and arrivals. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Gorgeous Kitchen on our way out. A great place for great food with lovely views on the runway.

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