#922385 by horburyflyer
04 Jun 2016, 12:55
.....so leaving the VS109 I was greeted to the longest line at immigration I have ever seen here. I was initially directed away from the APC machines as the queue for those was horrendous. So I joined the long visitors queue. It took over 45mins to get to the front of the queue and on nearing the front was told to join the APC queue which thankfully moved quickly.

I had two hours connecting time which is usually ample enough at ATL but of course long delays have been publicised for quite some time and though ATL seems to have avoided these until this trip....they have reached here too. We had only been 10mins late arriving into ATL but it made all the difference.

The luggage was off the belt waiting and customs was easy. It was then through security for the connecting flight which moved quickly but it was still 1700 before I reached the A gates and boarding was just about to begin. If I hadn't have been in UC (so one of the first off) I would have missed the connecting flight.

That said I know around 100 passengers from the VS109 were connecting onto Orlando and they delayed the aircraft for them to join....as you would expect!

Boarding was underway and I was quickly seated in 2A on the 737-900ER which would take me up to JFK. Pre-departure beverages were offered and the flight was solid across all three sections.

image.jpg (311.93 KiB) Viewed 1772 times

Pushback came at 1743 and we were airborne at 1800 for the 1hr47mins flight to JFK. Drink and dinner orders were quickly taken after a round of hot towels. The choices were Blue Cheese Steak (with wedges and spinach) or Chicken noodle salad. I had the steak which tasted better than it looked....they both came served with fruit salad and a packaged brownie.

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I enjoyed a couple of G&Ts. Seating was comfortable and had the latest seat-back entertainment. The CC were friendly and cheery.

The snack basket was offered later in the flight though because this was on a flight where a meal had been offered this included only peanuts, pretzels and biscoff cookies ( a larger snack basket with premium snacks is offered on flights without a meal service)

Drinks were regularly offered and we were soon descending into a gorgeous sunset over New York City.

image.jpg (309.78 KiB) Viewed 1772 times

We had a short wait for our stand and arrived into Terminal 2 which I think is a poor impression of JFK compared to Terminal 4.

That said luggage was quickly on the belt and we were off into the warm evening.

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#922390 by David
04 Jun 2016, 15:44
Hi Jon

I do like the Delta connections from either Mco or Atl up to JFK.

A couple of hours with maybe another 30 added on for an Mco departure, old but comfy seats in first and some cheap tier points does the trick.

Let's hope mine in 7 days is as good as the flight you've just experienced. This time I've given myself 5 hours in JFK after the extremely tight connection the last time.

Hope you have a safe trip back

#922407 by buns
05 Jun 2016, 08:28

Thanks for the TR

Very interesting comment about the number of passengers using ATL as a gateway to MCO ;-) I suppose it being half term added to the masses at ATL Immigration

Thanks once again


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