#922669 by David
11 Jun 2016, 22:16
So after 2 wonderful weeks in Orlando (and not a theme park insight) it was time to plan the route home.

DL2824 MCO-JFK followed by JFK-LHR in the VS112 then BA back up to Glasgow (don't ask)

Other than nearly wall to wall sunshine, punctuated by " Colin " and yes PJH, I agree, stupid name for a storm, and an interesting evening when the people next door decided to cook with a skillet which resulted in their and MY smoke alarm going off, which resulted in me phoning front desk, then them putting me through to 911 and subsequently Reedy Creek fire department arriving with full lights and sirens, it was basically a little shopping (although the week pound is beginning to tell) and the pool and kindle.

Just what was needed.

Anyway, last time I booked this connection, I was literally running to the gate after a very late shuttle, so this time, I made sure plenty of time was spare to at least visit the clubhouse and partake in some chicken korma and maybe some ice cream to finish.

The Delta flight was originally scheduled to leave around 12.30 and never knowing how long you need to check in before for these internal flights, we arrived at the airport around 10am.

The hertz Dodge Journey (far too big but cheap enough) was easily returned and it was time to check out my global entry and TSA pre check thingy.

All very smooth and it was into the Delta lounge courtesy of Amex for an hour or two.

It's quite strange visiting that part of the terminal and lounge and not flying home on Virgin, but hey we were on G's and needs must.

Boarding was due around 11.50 and we wondered down to the gate around half past - no delays - yet.

Yet, guess what, a delay was announced 13.20, then brought forward to 13.05 but it was actually around 2pm when we took off. The flight was very good. A 737-900ER maybe, looked quite new, touch screen TVs, which were actually easier to use than virgins and free wifi.

Food was a choice of chicken salad which had actually gone before they got to us or sliders which were a tad greasy. Plenty of snacks, drinks and fruit were offered.

All in all, very good for a couple of hundred dollars. And of course a few tier points.

Landed at terminal two, wondered past the baggage belts (cases are supposed to be checked through to LHR, but we will soon find out) and across the road onto the sky train.

Really easy connection to terminal 4 - one stop - as long as you board the right hand train and soon into the Upper check in at the right hand side of the room.

Security was a breeze and now just sitting waiting on the food.

The plan is to eat now and hopefully sleep but we all know what happens to plans.

Next trip in September just waiting to be confirmed and will hopefully be booked on Monday, once I've checked who else might be off, but for now it's home and straight into Common Riding and Festival season in the Scottish Borders.

Thanks for reading

#922678 by buns
12 Jun 2016, 05:45

Thanks for the TR

With direct flights to MCO now becoming silly money (for most of the year it seems), the option to go via JFK or ATL is becoming more and more appealing and thanks to you, I too have that urge to return to Orlando to stock up on rest and shopping :D

Hope the VS Flight back was good too

#922681 by horburyflyer
12 Jun 2016, 07:37
David, thanks for posting the TR so quickly ;-)

Sounds like a good flight despite the delay and pleased it went smoother than last time through JFK for you!

Hope your time in the CH was enjoyable and your journey home straightforward. Look forward to hearing all about it in the next instalment .



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