#922890 by JasonLewis
16 Jun 2016, 21:07
In what way is "Club Europe" business class? Doesn't BA know that putting an immovable object/tray over the "B" and "E" (middle) seats and in all other ways -- seat width, pitch -- sitting in Coach does not a Business Class make.

Since the Club Europe Lounge at T5 is an abomination (overcrowded, noisy, with really poor food options), my wife and I opted to use my Priority Pass and access the Aspire Lounge -- much better option all around: smaller and less crowded, more power outlets, better wines & spirits.

Upon boarding (fortunately at an "A" gate, as opposed to a "C"), the flight proceeded smoothly, the flight crew was perfectly fine. The food was weak, but so what else is new? Upon arriving at Linate, not only was there no gate -- meaning we had to use the stairs-and-buses approach -- but there were no buses, either! Not sure if that's a BA problem or an LIN problem, but sitting on the plane for 20 minutes waiting for a ride to the terminal isn't my idea of "la dolce vita." Indeed, when the pilot was told there was a problem, he was overheard to say, "What did we do now?"
#922897 by hiljil
17 Jun 2016, 11:54
Thank you for the TR. Yours are not the first negative comments I've read about Club Europe.
And in my opinion CW is no UC either !
#922948 by marshy11
19 Jun 2016, 09:31
Thanks for posting. I flew into LIN a month ago on BA but in Y and have to say it was exceptional value, we could have upgraded for a small amount but there really wasn't any benefit I could see.
#922954 by JasonLewis
19 Jun 2016, 16:01
You're right, Marshy, there isn't -- especially if you can still access an airport lounge through Priority Pass, or some credit card benefit and the like. I am sure this will be the last flight I ever take in CE . . . there really is no benefit/the small benefit isn't worth the price differential. (Long haul may be/is a different story, but living in the States, I'll fly VS across the Atlantic every time.)
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