#923273 by trusse03
02 Jul 2016, 18:09
OK bear with me, this is my first trip report on here.

So me and the other half booked a sort of last minute holiday with Thomas Cook, I think we booked it early June or late May, it was a package holiday, something we've never done before, with Condor providing the flights on behalf of Thomas Cook.

we were seated in 26E and 26F, which were extra leg room seats, nice amount of leg room, plenty of space to stretch, however the seats were very narrow.

Unbeknown to us, the agent had booked us meals too, we had sausage and mash for main, with a chocolate mousse dessert, it was perfectly edible, but a small portion. There was also cheese and biscuits included as well as one free coffee, tea or juice.

The cabin crew on the outward journey were not very friendly, and a couple of times they seemed to skip our row, maybe the number 26 is unlucky in Germany?

There was a nice personal touch from the captain at the start of the flight, as were flying the day after the brexit vote, and he said "i hope all countries can still remain friends".

There was overhead screens for entertainment for those with their own headphones.

And I had a couple of wines - £8 for 2 small bottles so about right for airline price.

Overall an ok flight.
#923305 by hiljil
03 Jul 2016, 21:11
Thank you for your first TR . It is always interesting to read of different airline experiences . What a shame the cabin crew were not very friendly. I hope your return flight was an improvement and that you had a nice holiday.

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