#925383 by ColOrd
29 Aug 2016, 13:13
So I wouldn't normally post a trip report from a train, but I did something a bit different with this one, well for me at least, I did a Video Trip report, after getting myself a Mac and now having the ability to edit videos, I wanted to give a video a bit of a go ahead of my upcoming trips on VS.

Just a few basic details, then over to the video, we travelled from St Pancras to Gare du Nord just a day trip really to try out the new Eurostar trains and spend a chilled out afternoon in Paris drinking wine and a bit of shopping down the Champs Elysses.

We were travelling in Standard Premier which is Eurostars middle class, which is basically First Class, you get breakfast on the outbound and dinner on the return, its small fry but you do get alcohol just not the champagne which you do in Business Premier, and the food is cold rather than hot. The main difference between the two tiers is that Business Premier is always fully flexible and you get full lounge access which isn't available on the other classes.

We did however manage to get into the lounge as we got some lounge passes for the return trip.

The Paris lounge is nice and overlooks the train shed at the end of the departures hall, its nice and chilled to sit and wait, the food was just nuts and wasabi peas really, so nothing majorly substantial but the bar was well stocked with a good range of spirits.

#925386 by pjh
29 Aug 2016, 13:24
When I try to access the video I get the message "video not available"...
#925387 by ColOrd
29 Aug 2016, 13:36
I think its because of the music, which I have removed and its being reprocessed as we speak!
#925391 by pjh
29 Aug 2016, 16:25
Top notch, thanks.

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