#929610 by rajpop
30 Nov 2016, 17:21
Flight Number: BA 199

Plane: Boeing 777-200 (Four Class)

Class Flown: First Class

Miles Flown: 4487 Miles

Date Flown: 1st November 2016

Departure Time: 9.46pm GMT (scheduled 9pm) from LHR T5

Arrival Time: 11:22am IST scheduled (11:15am) to BOM T2 (INT)

Check-In My original plan was to skip airport check-in given that Airportr (review link below) had picked up my bag and that I had checked-in online, unfortunately I forgot about the strict checks the Indian government require, therefore was required to physically check-in to show validity of an Indian visa (or OCI in my case). The check-in process, as expected was speedy, chatty and no need for waiting in line! Security BA has a dedicated security area for BA First and Business class passengers, the process here was quite quick as expected and as per usual as I have an Asian name alongside a beard I was privileged with extra security checks! Just after the security section there is a door to the right that leads directly into the BA Concorde room which is exclusively for BA First customers. It also means you can bypass the duty free area and get to the lounge a lot quicker.


Boarding the plane was quite quick, and I was able to settle down in my seat quite quickly, the steward bought over a glass of champagne and proceeded to give me a quick explanation of the seating, all the various buttons and storage areas in the First suite. He also took my orders for dinner and breakfast for the following morning, as well as a drink order for post take-off.

First Class Pod

The seat had ample leg room as expected, width of the seat was comfortable too as was the comfort of it. The seat also converts into a fully flat bed at 6 foot 6 inches. I’m someone that tends not to sleep on planes but after a long day at the office I was keen on trying out the flat-bed to arrive in Mumbai refreshed. BA First Class Review.
The pod also had ample storage for my various gadgets such as my laptop, phone, go-pro and my note book. There were two USB ports as well as a plug port for my laptop charger.


The on board dining was excellent, the food was presented well and I had no issues with the taste, I have in recent months seen complaints from people on twitter about the quality of food in Club World and First but no issues from me. Snacks were also available at all times during the flight should you require them but the large portion during dinner it was not needed at all.

Drink Options

The First Class cabins drink option’s I felt were lacking a little they had 3 excellent choices of champagne and I stuck to the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle and JW Blue Label but felt that the wine selection was average at best. Something they may need to work on – I felt there were better options on Qantas in economy during my Australia trip in 2015. BA First Class Review


Overall I felt that the flight had met all the high expectations that I had beforehand, the team on board were excellent, attentive at all times and met my every need including a quick hop into the cockpit before the flight. The seat was comfortable, and I even managed to get some sleep on the fully-flat bed – not bad for someone who suffers from insomnia! The one area I felt that BA fell short on this flight was lack of Wi-Fi, which would have made for a more productive flight – it’s something they currently have on a few planes only, and I feel by now the whole fleet should have it. Especially given that a few of the domestic carriers in India have it available.

Pictures and full post at: http://www.thetworoads.com/ba-first-class-review
Review of Airportr at http://www.thetworoads.com/airportr-review
#929611 by hiljil
30 Nov 2016, 17:33
Thank you for your interesting TR. I read the full report and enjoyed the pictures. I was particularly taken with the fact that First Class passengers were taken by buggy to immigration.

Did the arrangements of seats on the 777 make the cabin feel crowded ?
#929623 by rajpop
30 Nov 2016, 21:15
hiljil wrote:Thank you for your interesting TR. I read the full report and enjoyed the pictures. I was particularly taken with the fact that First Class passengers were taken by buggy to immigration.

Did the arrangements of seats on the 777 make the cabin feel crowded ?

I spoke to a friend about the buggy, it's a regular thing at BOM airport for premium customers regardless of airline. It saved a fair bit of walking with all my hand-luggage.

The arrangements in First were fine, but on the return in Club World it was very cramped, I'll try posting something on that soon. I want to try the Dreamliner with Virgin soon in UC, I've only managed UC on the A340-600.

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