#930739 by mitchja
01 Jan 2017, 01:21
Whilst on the West coast, I thought I'd get a few VS Flying Club status flights in using DL. It would be my first time flying DL as well.

~£240 gets you a First Class return fare with DL on this route which currently earns 150 VS Flying Club Tier Points for the return trip, which is actually more than a discounted VS TATL Premium fare (100 TP's) earns you now for upwards of £700 >-(

I'd done OLCI the previous day using the DL app and got an Apple Wallet boarding pass (the DL app is basically the same as the new VS app and it will still yet you store DL PNR info without having to log-in to a DL Skymiles account).

The flight departed SFO at 07:15, but being the morning after I arrived on the West coast, I knew that wasn't going to be a problem you are always wide awake at silly o'clock the first morning because of the time difference (well I am anyway) :-)

Headed back to SFO using the BART, the first BART trains departs Powell Street station at 04:59 so I jumped on that one. DL depart SFO from terminal 1 so once off the BART at the International terminal, I just jumped on the air train to T1.

No bags to check-in to straight to security. Having Global Entry also means I now have TSA-Pre which is brilliant. Nothing needs to come out of your bag, shoes can stay on and you can even leave on light coats. There where no lines at either SFO or LAX for TSA-Pre and you are through in minutes. Just remember to add your Known Traveller Number (which is your Global Entry membership number) to your flight bookings as it shows 'TSA-Pre' on your boarding passes.

Th flight was departing from gate 58 so I just waited near the gate area until it was called. There is a Priority boarding line for First and pax with DL status.

Just as we where due to start boarding an announcement was made informing up a a 'boarding would be delayed due to a slight technical fault with the navigation system on the aircraft and an engineer was already on wit trying to fit it' this sent many pax into complete panic mode as some clearly had tight connections at LAX. The gate staff did start re-routing pax straight away though and a few pax did actually change flights it seemed.

Boarding soon commenced and First Class pax first. I was welcomed on board and soon settled into seat 2A. DL where operating a B717 so it wasn't a big aircraft with a 2 -2 First Class and a 2 - 3Eeconomy seat config.

There where 3 or 4 rows of First Class seats with another few rows of DL comfort plus seats behind First.

Pre-flight drinks where offered.

In total I did 4 of these flights today and I was greeted by name on 1 of these flights.

The aircraft had WiFi using the GoGo system (same as VX etc) with various payment options. There also a complimentary IFE service which you connect to using your own device via the WiFi.

The seat was pretty decent with plenty of leg room and elbow space. After take-off a complimentary snack was offered along with more drinks. I believe the snack service is now also complimentary through out the cabin (?)

Service was good on all 4 flights (I won't bore your with 3 more TR's). On one of the flights, one of the crew was trailing the new uniforms which are due later in 2017 apparently which did look good actually.

The flight took approx. 1 hour.

All in all all 4 DL First flights where great and very friendly and professional crew. Far better than the United First Class I flew last year SFO>LAS.

Apart from the fancy cabins, mood lighting and First Class seats, DL are as good as VX and I'd have no hesitation in using DL again :)

Apart form the initial 20 minute delay, all 4 flights left on time.

All 4 flights have also already been credited to my VS Flying Club account, which clearly seems quicker than the time it is currently taking to credit VS flights to your account!!
#930749 by buns
01 Jan 2017, 08:27
Thanks James

Mrs Buns and I have come to like the DL First product and by and large the crew are very proffesional and friendly.

Thanks for the tip about Tier Point earning


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