#931952 by julmops
26 Jan 2017, 16:55
After the complete chaos between MCO and ATL, we finally managed to get onto a plane back to the UK. As mentioned in my previous report, we had missed our Virgin connection and there wasn’t a single business class seat on any of their flight, so Delta had rebooked us in main cabin and on seats 40C and D, possibly the worst seats available …
The first good news of the day was that the flight left on time ;)
Plane was almost completely full but I have to say that the crew worked really hard to feed and water us.
Seat was adequate for Economy cabin but the highlight for me was the IFE. This is superb, great choice, good maps, globally a great one.
Dinner service started pretty quickly from the front of Economy, meaning that by the time they reached us, there was only one choice left … Vegetarian ravioli … YAY !
I’m not against a vegetarian meal but this must have been the most disgusting thing I was ever served on a plane …
The crew was really apologetic about the lack of choice and were generous with wine servings ;)
I watched 2 films and tried to sleep but to no avail …
Breakfast was served about 90 minutes before landing and was nothing worth mentioning.
All in all, a pretty bad showing from Delta, not helped by the heavy delays and the double downgrade …
We landed in LHR on time and were quickly at the gate.
Very quick immigration at the eGates and off to the baggage carrousel to be called after 30 minutes by Delta Baggage Service to let us know that our luggage hadn’t followed and was still in Atlanta …
30 minutes and a luggage claim form later, we were on our way back home on the Railair coach to Reading, still fuming but much lighter than expected …
#931973 by ColOrd
26 Jan 2017, 20:17
What a horrid experience.

Good luck with the complaint!
#931992 by hiljil
27 Jan 2017, 08:26
Oh dear. So sorry. But thank you for posting.
#932712 by julmops
14 Feb 2017, 14:23
I've already posted the final outcome on the previous flight TR but thought I would do it here too.
After 2 weeks of waiting, I got an answer from Delta about my complaint regarding the heavy delays, double downgrade and lost luggage.
To my surprise, we were awarded $1000 each in vouchers to be used on Delta's website for future flights.
I was absolutely delighted with it and this will nicely help for our flights to NYC in January !
#932713 by hiljil
14 Feb 2017, 15:26
Really pleased for you. An excellent result ! :-D
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