#934286 by ColOrd
10 Apr 2017, 20:45
£60 paid for the original fare and then a £65 ProActive Upgrade Offer when they launched CE on the Domestic Flights.

Little trip out to try the BA767's before they go, and then I got a neat little upgrade when they launched the Club Europe product. I've flown Club Europe a couple of times now, and generally speaking it's a good product, I am not a BA lifer, or have any status with them.

OLCI wasn't smooth as they were having problems with issuing mobile boarding passes which I understood extended to a range of flights, however it eventually sorted itself out.

I didn't have any bags to drop however I did collect a paper boarding pass, I said it was incase my phone died, but I like to keep them.

Fast Track at EDI wasn't particularly fast at 0600, and seemed to move as quickly as the other lanes, however, and I don't meant to sound snobby here, it would have been a lot faster had a load of EZY crew not been in the fast track lane ahead of me.

Now I totally get why they need to be fast tracked through, but I really think they need a separate Crew lane rather than using the premium service for Business Class flyers. The reason I say this is operationally, if you're crew stuck behind a massive group of people all flying business you're gonna be late getting through security. It seems ludicrous that for operational reasons they wouldn't be kept segregated.

A quick bit of shopping and exploring around the terminal, before heading to the BA EDI lounge, which was very spacious, comfortable and quiet. Light breakfast snacks on offer, but as I am leisure passenger and this was a bit of a treat I had a glass of Champoo in hand within minutes of sitting down (yes it was 06:30!) no proactive top ups I had to ask! Needed to remind myself this was BA Domestic Business and not the Clubhouse!

I had at least two hours in the lounge so between Champers and the Grey Goose dowsed orange juices I had a splendid time in the lounge.

Boarding was called by priority and very strictly enforced which is always good, although there seemed to be a huge amount of BA Gold Card holders on this flight.

Load in business was light with only 10 today. There was no cabin dividers so the back few rows of the front cabin were ET people looking at us with our champers with jealousy!

Really proactive crew on board, the CSD was warm and welcoming although was a bit confused over what was and wasn't club world as they didn't have the dividers.

Service was brunch, which was a panini or cold cuts. I had the cold cuts which was delicious and just the right size following my breakfast in the lounge. Champagne was offered and proactively refilled throughout the flight. There was at least three of us in the cabin drinking and the crew seemed to want to give it away, and demonstrated Virgin-esque levels of service, the second time I have seen this on BA this year!

The 767's are showing their age now, and I was briefly allowed into the cockpit once we were on stand to have a quick look around, with a very pleasant flight crew.

For the price I paid, a really value for money experience as a leisure passenger!

#934291 by pjh
10 Apr 2017, 23:06
Most airports I travel through mix crew and business / fast track passengers outbound but have a crew / even more exclusive passengers lane inbound.
#934296 by ColOrd
11 Apr 2017, 07:31
Ahh fair enough, I've never experienced it before.

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