#939213 by WPIL
21 Oct 2017, 11:01
First flight of the trip. Easy booking process and a later flight time of around 1pm compared to the usual times I get with Virgin. Easy trip to Gatwick on the train via Clapham Junction. Norwegian check in takes place in the South Terminal. I hadn't completed any of the formalities online so was expecting a bit of a wait. However plenty of agents available and I was checked in within 5 minutes. Then off to Marks and Spencer's to get a GF meal and through security which was friendly and reasonably quick. No lounge access so a bite to eat at Nando's and off to one of the circular gates and the far end of the terminal. Last group to be called and last to board and into seat 6J.
First impressions of the new Dreamliner were not good. Was actually not convinced I was actually on a 787 and only after checking the safety card was it confirmed. 6J was front row of economy so a bit of extra leg room and of course the bigger windows. Service was more BA than Virgin (when good) although one of the stewards was the spit of Jimmy Carr. :-D

Had ordered a meal which came in a cardboard box. It was very small chicken dish alongside some fruit, I was very glad that I had also purchased a meal at Marks for later on in the flight. Apart from one round of water (and coffee/tea) all other drinks had to be bought. Only saw one person on the plane actually have 1 beer, very different from VS. Other passengers in near vicinity were not talkative at all which again is different feeling than VS. Also did not notice the use of the mood lighting at all during the flight, I felt the interior was a bit drab. In terms of 6J was expecting a little more leg room and to be fair I actually should have booked row 10 which was the actually exit row seats where boarding took place. I would pick 10 A-C or 10 G-J) for the best seats in economy.

Arrived into LAX (Tom Bradley - I wonder if one day a Terminal in Boston will be called Tom Brady?) and was parked at a remote stand. On to a bus and a 5 minute drive to the actual terminal avoiding numerous big and large planes as the road was next to an active runway! Off the bus into the terminal with a noticeable lack of staff around, you could probably have a wonder round the apron if you wanted to. Expecting the usual lines but immigration is automated at LAX/TBIT and scanned my passport, looked into a machine and fingerprint taken, received a receipt then handed it in to a member of staff and through to bag collection. Impressed!

Was transferring to a Southwest flight (tried to change to an earlier flight to LAS but they wanted $180 for it to get me into LAS 75 mins earlier so that was a no. As far as arriving feeling refreshed etc, NO had to stock up with various cough sweets as started to feel a bit unwell when I got to Terminal 1.

Not the best experience but not the worst either and have to remember I am comparing Economy to going in either Premium or Upper.
#939241 by pjh
23 Oct 2017, 08:13
Thanks for the TR. Do these flights have IFE?
#939244 by WPIL
23 Oct 2017, 11:13
Hello, there was IFE on the plane. Mostly in the Seat backs but in the armrest for me as I was in row 6. You had to pay for the earphones though I believe although they were free in Premium (on the return). Not the best quality at all, I think they were the same as the ones used at the Arsenal stadium tour! I entertained myself with an excellent book by the policeman who caught a serial killer in Swindon.

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