#867504 by vizbiz
28 Feb 2014, 18:11
I have a PAYG mobile account, and I now need to upgrade the account to a monthly plan. It seems that EE (who took over what was originally my Orange PAYG plan) only offer extortionately expensive plans to move to (~£35/month for a good chunk of data and calls etc, which I can get from scratch WITH a sparkly new high-end phone (from 3 for example) whereas all I get from EE is an increased data/call plan.

What's the best way to get my reqts of;
I want to upgrade my old PAYG EE (well it was Orange when I signed up) to a contract that gives me;

- Plenty of data - I use the internet a fair bit (stream a few 2 min you-tube vids etc, lots of browsing)
- I DON'T want more than a couple of hundred texts/month max)
- Maybe 500-750 minutes of calls/month tops

So, what's the best way to;

1) Keep my old number (which I know shouldn't be an issue)
2) Move from the "pay through the nose" EE PAYG plan to
3) Get a new plan, monthly, lots of 3G data, couple of hundred texts, some calls as above.
4) At a bargain monthly price.

I don't need a new phone - have a very nice one.

#867514 by marshy11
28 Feb 2014, 22:04
Giffgaff.....they ride on the back of O2. My son has a £12 month sim only contract which we just top up. There's others, but his is....

250 UK minutes
Unlimited texts
Unlimited Internet

Others include

For £15 a month get:
500 UK minutes
Unlimited UK texts
Unlimited Internet

If you take a referral you each get a small top up balance......the contract is 30 days at a time so easy to switch elsewhere as and when,
#867517 by nkp85uk
28 Feb 2014, 22:29
Tesco Mobile?
SIM only, £12.50 a month
750 mins
5000 texts
2GB data
Rolling 1 month contract so you can get out of it when you want.
Plus you can get clubcard points and turn them into flying club miles :D
#867530 by joeyc
01 Mar 2014, 02:03
Vizbiz..... this is not really travel tech and ultimately YMMV in regards with mobile contract choices.

Does the contract fulfil what you need is the main question to be asked... I get a rolling 30 day contract after buying the phone outright. Works for me plain and simple 8D
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#867531 by daharris
01 Mar 2014, 02:34
Personally, I'd get a contract with a different provider, through topcashback, convert the cash into Tesco points and then into VS miles. I find you get a much better deal as a new customer (I switch provider pretty much every year).
#867533 by mswadley
01 Mar 2014, 09:55
Have to agree with Road Warrior, Tescos the way to go.
O2 network, cheap as chips, good Tesco app to check your contract balance etc and triple club card points for all spending.
It's a no brainer for me having bee a previous O2 customer.
#867536 by Sealink
01 Mar 2014, 12:54
I disliked O2 and am now with 3 mobile.

On their "One Plan" which isn't the cheapest.

- My phone is now my homehub for broadband at home
- Unlimited Data
- Lots of minutes and 5000 texts.

So my 3 contract is now covering my home phone, home broadband and mobile.

It's around £40 a month but I was paying BT similar just for home phone and internet.

Currently getting 4G speeds of around 45MB.

Three are also introducing UK tariffs overseas so in certain countries there are no roaming charges.
#867561 by mitchja
01 Mar 2014, 18:32
If you do plan on changing mobile networks, always test the network coverage first using one of those free/cheapo PAYG SIM cards they all offer. Network coverage maps can sometimes give inaccurate results as they are generally just based on computer predictions.

You don't need to top up to see how many bars of network coverage you get or if your get 3G or 4G with the handset. Though you would need to top-up to test the actual network data speeds.

O2 and Vodafone 3G coverage tends to be still poor in rural/semi rural areas, though it's improving (albeit slowly) now.
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