#934140 by TimCrawley
06 Apr 2017, 19:12
Not a very exciting posting but just to say that I was doing a few side trips between LA and Las Vegas this trip so felt a satnav would be handy - but silly $'s to have it added to the car rental so I spent £7.99 on a memory card and £34.99 adding the "City Navigator North America NT - Lower 49 States" 1 year subscription (so no updates to US maps after 1 year, so will make sure I update it just before end of the year, but of course you can still keep using maps indefinitely).

Loaded maps up before I left and the Garmin Nuvi 58LM sprang happily into life on the car park at Alamo, working flawlessly throughout the two weeks ..... so hardly an exciting topic, sorry!

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