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#859219 by CHill710
10 Oct 2013, 14:03
After boarding VS3022 to heathrow from Aberdeen at 11:55 advised by the pilot that due to an iceident the airport had closed and we would be sat on stand for a while.
Cabin crew made frequent water runs until 12:35 when we were offloaded and given meal vouchers.
Apparently a light aircraft has come off the runway on to the grass.

A quick call to flying club and I have been reassured I am booked on to the next flight to LHR and then the 8pm to manchester. (I knew a quick tier point run was a bad idea!!)

This gas been well handled by the ground staff and whoever I spoke to on the silver line was as always amazing.

There is a good presence of VS uniforms arround the departure lounge answering all questions but it seems BA and BE staff have gone in to hiding!

Edit: link to bbc news

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