Don your anorak and get technical about airplanes.
#871620 by NV43
28 Apr 2014, 00:25
Thanks for posting the link.

It's an interesting article and I echo the paragraph about sitting with your back to the window and with the soles of your shoes, or socks, exposed.

Personally, I don't think a slob in flip flops would make it into a FC cabin but stranger things have happened, and I've posted previously about feet and the lack of socks, and MacDonalds in UC.

Virgin should take note of the statement “The true international first-class cabin actually keeps shrinking, because the international business-class cabin has become such a great product, to the point where you’re differentiating more on things like food and service.”

I think we all want VS to deliver on the service and food, it's a recurring topic in the fora, and continued paring back on newspapers, magazines, the amenity kit (yeah, right) and a less than top rate service will, ultimately, lose the passengers that are vital to their economic modelling.
#871647 by Sarastro
28 Apr 2014, 13:30
lose the passengers that are vital to their economic modelling.

Already happening, and they don't seem to care. I dropped from Gold to Silver this year, after stopping flying with them following some lousy customer care incidents. Nothing. No call, no email, no letter asking why.

A few years ago I dropped from EK Gold to Silver (a temporary aberration, I'm Platinum with them these days). Two WEEKS before my membership year ended, I had a manager on the phone, asking me what they had done wrong. Nothing, in effect, my travel plans just didn't fit the EK network at the time, but the fact they bothered, and VS can't be bothered, once more makes me think that VS are heading down the 'we want to be an upmarket Thomas Cook, that's all' route.

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