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#878032 by VS075
14 Jul 2014, 18:36 ... e-a330neo/

Sounds interesting! Now with VS recently calling for this to be produced, A380s on order that keep getting deferred and (capacity aside) a host of routes where the 787s range isn't needed and would be perfect for the A330neo, what are the chances of an order being placed sometime soon? :?
#878049 by buns
14 Jul 2014, 20:20
On the BBC this morning, it was said that this new 330 is being pushed in as the 350 orders have major delays..

#878863 by Scrooge
24 Jul 2014, 16:23
buns wrote:On the BBC this morning, it was said that this new 330 is being pushed in as the 350 orders have major delays..


I haven't heard of any major delays in the 350 program, at least not in the same league as the 787 or 380, from what I am hearing it's running about 6 months behind.

However, a 330NEO does offer less capacity than the 359, which with the orders for the 358 disappearing meant either offer a 330NEO, or lose the remaining orders to the 787 or build the 358 at a loss to keep the orders.

The 330NEO is the better answer for Airbus and certainly it would be a great aircraft for VS.
#878867 by clarkeysntfc
24 Jul 2014, 17:23
I would be very surprised to see VS order this aircraft unless the new UC for the 787 can be made to fit the narrower 330 fuselage.

The LHR 747 fleet is going to be replaced by 787-9's and I'd be surprised if the 330/LGW 747 fleet isn't replaced by either 787-10's or 350-1000's.
#878980 by Fuzzy14
25 Jul 2014, 23:03
This aircraft confused me until I read this article ... ner-2014-7

I couldn't work out how a revamped A330 can replace a A350-8 but apparabtly it's just not selling. It's fallen into the A343/A346 trap where it costs the same to fly but one holds more passengers.

I'm a big fan of the high aspect ratio wings on the A330, the extra 12ft makes them even better!

But not convinced Virgin will buy these.
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