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#898001 by Heikoworld
07 Mar 2015, 21:04
I am definately new to this forum. I have a simple question (seems simple to me). I often ask why is EWR Newark referred to as New York when Newark is obviously in New Jersey. No one has ever answered my question, is it me? ?|
#898015 by tontybear
07 Mar 2015, 23:15
For the same reason it is London Gatwick, Luton and stansted even though they aren't in London. Nor is London Southend airport come to that.

Airports are attached/ allocated to a main city by a body called ICAO with rules on distances from the City etc.
#898023 by Heikoworld
08 Mar 2015, 04:49
Thank You guys, an answer at last. I can see now, especially with the London Gatwick and London Southend analogy how it would be right to link it to the nearest city.
Lets face it, EWR Newark is really just a "Hop" to New York.
Thank You for your replies.
#930589 by shaneg17
27 Dec 2016, 14:34
Strange one isn't it

I flew into JFK when I went to NYC a couple years ago...savage traffic all the way pretty much.

For this reason I've booked EWR for my flights next July. Apparently it's 'simpler' to get from Newark to midtown Manhattan
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