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#923736 by sungod
10 Jul 2016, 12:10
seat size is essentially the same, very little in it as to which is 'better', both cabins feel roomier than the a330

air quality and noise levels are better in the 787

the a340 cabin has 1-1-1 layout, assuming you go for a window seat, whether you're facing the front or rear of the opposite seat depends whether you're in the front or rear of the UC cabin - i like 2K as it faces the rear of the other seat and there's no one in front (some avoid it as it's closest to the front toilet but i've never found that a problem)

the a340 cabins are older and perhaps more likely to have problems, last time i flew it the armrests etc. had faulty catches

a340 seat power needs an empower adaptor rather than standard ac plug, this year i think usb is being added but not sure when the rollout is complete, ditto for wifi

i hardly ever use the IFE except for the moving map so not sure if there's any big difference, probably the 787 has more bells and whistles and the IFE is less likely to be tired/faulty
#923739 by ScoobySu
10 Jul 2016, 13:33
Also the over head storage on the 787's is HUGE! And both sides of the centre row!
#923773 by Richy
11 Jul 2016, 10:20
Thanks all for your replies - most appreciated!

In the end, award availability meant I'll be experiencing both. 787 (seat 1A) on the outbound LHR - EWR, and 346 (seat 6K) on the return JFK - LHR. Will report back!
#930406 by s2driveruk
20 Dec 2016, 22:07
both are great places to be. Something a bit special about the size of the 346 UC cabin and if you choose the right seats then nicely private. Only downside is the older IFE and in particular the screen quality is not great in comparison to the more recent touch screen version on the 744, 333 or 787.

Look forward to hearing which you preferred - enjoy your trip!
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