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#925102 by virginboy747
19 Aug 2016, 13:13
I think somethings gone wrong with the tracking somehow. Flight radar is giving a flight time of 7 hrs 19 which I don't think is possible!! Same with the vs 43 it's showing an 8 hr 50 flight time which again is not going to happen lol
#925107 by tontybear
19 Aug 2016, 15:02
either a weather diversion - some windy weather headed our way this weekend - or as VB747 says flight aware is having a 'moment'
#925111 by aldojani
19 Aug 2016, 19:33
he has taken a NW'ly route due to the Low pressure system in the Atlantic which will help speed up the crossing thanks to strong tail winds on the northern flank of the system
#925112 by honey lamb
19 Aug 2016, 22:18
There was a severe weather alert for the south west of Ireland (where I live) of strong southwesterly winds. More often than not the LGW-MCO flights pass overhead. I'd say they took that route to avoid the storm (which never materialised during the day but is gaining momentum right now)
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