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#933428 by ratechaser
10 Mar 2017, 23:23
VS57 02/04/17
VS58 09/04/17

I've currently got Ts both ways and have been looking for P/G upgrades on either leg. About 10 times a day :D

No luck so far and I suspect it could be busy up the pointy end, so if anyone wants to put me out of my misery, feel free :blush:

#933429 by David
10 Mar 2017, 23:37
02/04/17 10:55 AM BGI
02/04/17 2:40 PM 744
NA / NA J1 C0 D0 I0 Z0 W9 S0 H0 K0 Y3 B2 R2 L0 U0 M0 E0 Q0 X0 V0 N0 O0

09/04/17 5:50 PM LGW
10/04/17 6:55 AM 744
NA / NA J2 C1 D0 I0 Z0 W9 S9 H0 K0 Y9 B9 R9 L9 U9 M9 E9 Q9 X9 V9 N9 O9
#933430 by ratechaser
11 Mar 2017, 01:14
Thank you. Shame I'm only a lowly red these days otherwise I might have thought there was op up potential to PE on the outbound. Pretty rammed overall in Y by the looks of it.

Think I'll keep an eye out just in case they decide to release them as Ps beforehand...

As for the return, looks pretty light down the back, maybe at least a chance to stretch out...
#933649 by ratechaser
20 Mar 2017, 22:30
Well now, that was unexpected. A load of Ps suddenly came up for the return so I grabbed them.

I would have bet money on them coming up on the outbound first (if at all), especially as it now looks like it's totally sold out in Y but still at W9...

If nothing changes in the next 12 days, I figure it's got to be worth a chat at twilight check in, in case Y is oversold and they need to move people up. Never worked for me before but always a first time!

Will keep looking 8-)

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