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#935369 by property1925
19 May 2017, 18:29
Advice about what to do next please. I'm AU of long -standing (although I think that should be irrelevant in this case).

I also acknowledge that part of this is my fault.

I flew LHR - HKG in UC. (I think it was a C fare, but it wasn't G or Z). A lot was wrong, including a broken seat which was bolt upright all the way overnight on a packed plane. Crew fantastic; customer relations on return really good. I opted for vouchers to spend on future flights. Perfect

I put the vouchers in a safe place - a very safe place. Can't find them - this is the bit that's my fault. Spoke to FC - advice was to just email in and explain and they will cancel and re-issue. Emailed late March. Auto-reply and nothing; again end April, same result; again 15th May.

Reply today. This is the reply - all of it. "Under the terms and conditions of this voucher, I'm afraid that if the document has been lost, stolen or destroyed, we are unable to reissue this for you.
I realise that this will come as a disappointment to you and apologise for any inconvenience cause as a result.".

Now, this is probably correct as a matter of strict rules, although FC advised verbally differently. (And I know that I lost them)

And now? Apart from take all my business elsewhere?
#935549 by s2driveruk
Yesterday, 06:54
Surely they can confirm that the voucher reference numer hasnt been used to book travel, blacklist it then reissue a replacement. Hardly a big ask you wouldnt think. I would pushback too...
#935556 by Kraken
Yesterday, 12:46
Definitely push-back to Virgin on this. If you had opted for cash compensation they would have issued a cheque - which they would be able to trace had not been cleared, so stop it and reissue it. I am sure the vouchers have a serial number of some kind on, so again, it should be easy for Virgin to stop / blacklist the voucher & reissue.

If you can remember the date & approximate time of your call to Virgin this will help a lot. I had an issue with a booking (paying taxes using a card not in the name of the traveller) and the Swansea Call Centre advised me this was OK, but I had to present myself at either MAN or LHR ticket desk with ID to pay the taxes. Off I went to the airport (LHR) and the ticket desk said it was not possible, they could not collect a tax due in US dollars in the UK. Thankfully I had the name & extension number of the person I spoke to in Swansea (+ the date & time of the call). They ended up getting someone to listen to the call & confirm that I was clearly told this was possible. They then spent a good while (& a few people) finding away to override the system and take the tax payment.
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