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#939052 by taffytorchy
12 Oct 2017, 16:10

I have 4 seats booked on VS65 LGW-MBJ departing 20th April 2018. I wanted to establish availability of another seat for my daughter however all the VS65 Friday flights from March 23rd to April 27th show no availability?! There are Friday flights available before & after those dates.

I called VA & was told they have taken the flights off sale as they are quite full & they will be contemplating if they should change the schedule?!

Can anyone advise what is going on? Perhaps a load check might help on 20th April?

thanks again
#939062 by Jojocole
12 Oct 2017, 20:28
A very similar thing happened to me just last week with VS93 and 94. A few weeks after I booked my tickets I went online to check prices for someone else and it was showing no availability. Phoned Virgin who said it could be for a number of reasons, then this last weekend I got an email to say my flight had been cancelled, along with every Thursday from Late October and Saturday from mid May.
#939063 by taffytorchy
12 Oct 2017, 21:23
Thanks Jo, if that happens on our flight where do we stand with existing hotel bookings, etc?

Does anyone associated with VA know the reason for this weird web activity?
#939070 by marshy11
13 Oct 2017, 10:41
taffytorchy wrote:Thanks Jo, if that happens on our flight where do we stand with existing hotel bookings, etc?

Does anyone associated with VA know the reason for this weird web activity?

If you've booked with VS Virgin Atlantic then they are not responsible for the hotel bookings.

If you've booked with VH Virgin Holidays then you should be covered.
#939071 by Jojocole
13 Oct 2017, 11:57
Hi, yes as said Virgin told me that their liability stopped with the flights as our hotel was booked separately and we should go through insurance to try to claim extra costs for the hotel.

Luckily my booking did enable me to change the dates without a fee, I do not normally chose this type of booking but am so glad I did and would always do do now in the future. I have had to pay the difference in the hotel room as it has gone up since we first booked it but to be honest I was just pleased to get it all sorted and look forward to my holiday again.
#939106 by taffytorchy
15 Oct 2017, 17:17
Oh joy of joys, just had an email advising VS65 on 20th April 2018 has been cancelled - or in Virgin speak a "schedule change"!

Have been booked on Sunday 22nd April reducing holiday by 2 days, but have been told on the phone we could change to Wednesday 18th & extend holiday by 2 days. Son & partner booked same flight via Sandals & told nothing yet.

We wait to see what the changes to accommodation will cost us but already been advised by VA that they will not offer any compo as they advised us >2 weeks from departure. I thought being VA AU might have made a difference but no.

I think its disgusting that you pay thousands up front well in advance to Virgin & they can do what they want with your schedule with no impact on them - what do others think?

I am seriously reviewing my loyalty to the brand & contemplating the dark side!
#939107 by SlimpyJones
15 Oct 2017, 17:33
If you're looking for an airline that never does schedule changes your search will be long and fruitless. BA do it as well. I don't wish to sound unsympathetic though, it is indeed very frustrating and having recently been on the receiving end of two cancelled flights to and from Dubai, it can really throw things into the air.

The best thing to do is to research alternatives as my party did and contact VS/VH and see if they will play ball.

Alas, the perils of booking many months in advance... Best laid plans, as the saying goes.
#939118 by s2driveruk
15 Oct 2017, 20:59
Yep not alone my PDX-LHR flight next April has been changed for the 2nd time in a month. First time was a very small departure time change, todays is more significant going from a direct flight to an indirect via Altanta and departing 4hrs earlier.

Not ideal but what can you do. :-D hope it doesnt change again now...
#939158 by taffytorchy
17 Oct 2017, 14:24
All is now sorted, going out 2 days earlier & although it will cost us at least it's done.

A big thank you to the staff on the telephone for all their help!

Just please don't change it again!!!!!
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