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#874220 by serenawell
31 May 2014, 13:27
Yay !! Just got SEQ 1 for VS065 to MBJ tomorrow :D
#875508 by Maximus
13 Jun 2014, 13:52
Never heard of SEQ until I read this.

Just noted we were SE1 and SEQ2 on our (BA) flights a few days ago (yes I do fly BA as well!).

Should I feel I have entered Nirvana or does that only occur with SEQ 1 on a VS flight? :)
#876067 by ultreen1
20 Jun 2014, 02:04
Seq 1&2 for our return home!
#877808 by dickydotcom
11 Jul 2014, 16:38
I don't understand why people want SEQ1, but I accept they do and now I've joined the club.
VS3009 Seat 9D and SEQ001.
Now I just pray I get a dry day to motorbike to Heathrow tomorrow as it's seriously not fun coming back after the weekend to a pannier full of wet over clothes.

I'll also get to try the new No1 at Edinburgh on Tuesday.
Dick D
#877854 by marshy11
11 Jul 2014, 22:25
VS087 8 July 4 x UC seats - SEQ1, 2, 3 and 4. Full house. ):

Unfortunately that's when it went downhill.....What is it with me and the Caribbean? Still, we're here now and they can redeem themselves on the return leg ;)

(TR to follow).

Edit to add pic.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.46.46.png
Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.46.46.png (221.03 KiB) Viewed 5613 times
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#879356 by pjh
02 Aug 2014, 10:11
1 & 2 for VS031 tomorrow....
#879360 by pjh
02 Aug 2014, 11:35
mallin wrote:Were you sitting with your finger poised on the button Paul.LInda 8D

Of course.... :) Finished packing, had my head polished, can't mow the lawn as it's too wet...

Edited to say lawn now mowed, so you can all relax...
#885614 by Bretty
16 Oct 2014, 17:33
Thanks to my iPad suddenly freezing whilst I was going through OLCI :0 and then VS website booting me off v( v( , I had to start the process over and so ended up with SEQ 7 & 8 for VS11 tomorrow. Not too bad given that hassle, but I was getting quite irate with my iPad :(!

Anyway, BOS here we come... y) y)
#887509 by Stevieboy
08 Nov 2014, 12:49
SEQ001 for tomorrows VS027 y)

#888576 by ColOrd
20 Nov 2014, 21:52
I think that is deffo a big win SilverFox, are your Upper Class fares Gs too?
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