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#905264 by LucyLu
12 Jun 2015, 16:07
Belated post, but I got SEQ1 on my return flight from BGI on 22May. The guy at the PE checkin even commented on the fact - I hadn't noticed til then! Sadly, despite all attempts, I still couldn't get an upgrade to UC, but at least I had it on the way out (reward flight)
#909625 by honey lamb
07 Sep 2015, 15:20
I feel very proud of myself today. SEQ70 for my flight to PMI with a total of 70 passengers on board. It takes real skill to be the last to check in. ;-)
#920430 by andymoss
25 Apr 2016, 13:41
SEQ001 on VS109 tomorrow. And I did it on mobile watching jets take off at RAF Valley. Boom! :D
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