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#926155 by Shirley Heights
14 Sep 2016, 13:29
Good afternoon All

I have been a lurker for a few years before finally joining this great forum the other day.

I would like to thank all the contributors for their sound advice on the numerous threads here.

By way of introduction, may I tell you about my VS travels? I fly to Antigua at least twice a year (Upper Class) as I have family there. I really miss the ex-LGW UC cabin where my favourite seat was 9K. Now with the A330 my seat of choice is 6K. This may sound silly, but being right-handed, I always prefer to sit on the right-hand side of the cabin. That said, with the advice from posters and after my next trip (October 2016), I have booked seat 6A for my 2017 (onwards) trips - 'A' seats being best for single travellers if all the A330s are being refitted with the 1-1-1 configuration.

As for the Flying Club, I am currently a silver member. I enjoy reading all the helpful tips for earning extra miles and tier points.

Keep up the good work! Hopefully I will be able to share my experiences and give useful advice at some stage, but more likely I will be asking for advice!!

Thanks - SH :D

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